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You are addicted to Mistress Anfisa

You show up BEFORE Mistress Anfisa just like that because you couldn't stand it anymore. You are addicted to her - and horny for her nylon ass! But why should Mistress Anfisa be interested in your needs at all?! Because your cock is constantly rock hard when you only think about your mistress? She doesn't care about that! She starts to play with you and to twist you around her little finger with her sexy nylon ass. Many slaves want to cum at this sight but you are not allowed to do that yet! She provides you with the images that will make your head explode - and even gives you a countdown for your cock explosion as well! But will she let you experience the eagerly desired feeling at all?!


Marina's hot nylon ass
Smoking hot nylon ass beneath the jeans
Come over, I'll show you my nylon ass
Nylon with zebra pattern