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Rating: 8.00

Obedience for lust

You can't wait to look at Mistress Zora's sexy nylon ass under her latex dress. You long for it and want to see it in all its glory in front of you to lustfully jerk your cock. But of course Mistress Zora doesn't allow you to do that! She shows you her sexy nylon ass but tests your endurance. Will you be able to hold out? How long can you look at her hot ass without touching your cock? How does it feel to sit there endlessly horny and not be allowed to jerk off? Well, that's the rule - obedience for lust! How long do you think you can withstand your inner struggle?


Addicted to her sexy nylon butt!
Kimi's spontaneity!
This nylon ass - your addictive drug
Pantyhose Brainfuck