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Rating: 7.25

Nylon Ass Facesitting

Mistress Zora knows all about your addiction and knows the reason for your presence. You have caved in to your addiction and want to see her hot nylon ass. Well well! You shall have that right now! But prepare yourself... Ready? Mistress Zora pulls up her dress and gives you what you so desperately need. Then she sits with her nylon ass right on your face and takes your breath away. Your place is under her nylon ass! There you belong, a pathetic facesitting slave! Down there you cannot escape her and you have to hold your breath under her ass until she finally gets up from your miserable face...


You shall have an unhindered look at Tatjanas nylonbutt!
Fitness nylon girl
Kery looks soo hot in her nylons!
Striped nylons