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A dream in nylons

Watch out for your health while you watch my clip – it's not for the faint-hearted! My hot ass is packed in classy black nylons and it's about to come very, very close to you. So close, your heart'll beat within a power range of twohundred percent! My sturdy ass is reaching out for you while I can almost hear you scream that you wanna touch it. You want it now! When you watch my hands stroking my nylonlegs, you can almost feel the satin smooth surface in the palm of your own hands. So close and yet so far... catch your personal nylon-butt-moment NOW, during this rare chance that I give to you as a gift. It's gonna be the insight of your lifetime!


Right what you want to see!
Cindy C
Hot ass in pantyhose
Aline sprawls on the floor
Jana H
Jana stretches her sexy nylon butt towards you